Cruising in Your Capris - On and Off-shore - Waterproof is Key

Monte Carlo - White Crystal

If you've ever been Cruising, you probably already know how key it is to pack a pair of quality, waterproof sandals in your suitcase. From the moment you gather at the gangway to board, the ships' decks and promenades along with some soggy carpets in the passageways can all lead to disaster and discomfort if you're not careful and prepared. Not only off-shore, but the mini, on-shore excursions you'll be taking when you leave the ship for some fun will also require a flexible, durable sandal that won't let you down. Sensi Sandals can even be worn in the water to protect your feet from sharp objects, or critter-like creatures, that lurk in surf and sandbars. The key here is waterproof and quickair-drying ... this way your feet never feel wet and your sandals feel dry every time you put them on.

In order to deliver on these stylish yet practical details, Sensi invented a unique patented footbed design. Perforations in the footbed allow water, sand and soap to flow through the footbed and then drain out through side ports as you walk. Cooling air flows through underfoot. Moisture build-up, home to mold, bacteria and mildew are alleviated, resulting in dry, comfortable, healthy feet ... a key factor for cruise ships and resort environments! This patented design is prominent in nearly every style of Sensi Sandals  (Slides and Thongs) and has been since 1962. 

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Monte Carlo - White Crystal

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