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Back – To – School in Sensi Sandals

As much as the thought of your Summer vacation being nearly over makes you sad and depressed, you need to find ways to refocus that energy and start preparing for another great SCHOOL year ahead! Packing, getting organized, stocking up on college necessities, such as backpacks, iPhones, tablets, heaphones and … shower sandals? Yes, acquiring a few good pairs of waterproof shower sandals is crucial to having a healthy, productive, college experience; especially if you’re facing a few years of dorm life, communal showers and campus gyms … eeeek! Can you say germ-infested and fungus-filled environments? With enough other things for you, or your parents, to worry about, you can put this problem out-of-mind, by protecting your young, soft, healthy...

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Buying Shower Sandals for College Dorm Environments

Shower Sandals come in a variety of styles and materials. Sandal manufacturers keep track of trending developments for slide, shower sandals all around the world, and relay the most common student requests and expectations through new designs, color and technologies. When it comes to utility-based design, we can talk about durability and function, and the wide range of sandals you can find under these categories; shower sandals and waterproof sandals. Sensi Sandals are crafted from the most durable, water resistant materials. Sensi Sandals utilize a unique, patented foot bed. Perforations in the foot bed allow water, sand and soap to flow through and be drained out of side ports as you walk. Cooling air flows through underfoot. Moisture build-up, home to mold, bacteria and mildew...

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Feeling' The Love from our Sensi Crusaders

 As 2015 comes to an end, we can't wait another minute to post a shout out to our devoted and ever-so-loyal Sensi crusaders. Where would we be without those individuals who worship and praise the quality and craftsmanship of our Italian sandals? Sensis were created and perfected back in 1962, and the design hasn't changed much since then, but the benefits continue to help and satisfy need feet from near and far. Read for yourself, here are just a few of the very special Sensi Sandal rave reviews. We love hearing from you. Don't stop wearing (and writing) to us. Send a photo too so we can spread the love!  I have been purchasing these sandals since spring 1999 and have bought 1 to 2 new pair...

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